H.O.P. Early Learning Center

A place to grow where Nature is met with wonder and amazement

Early Learning Center

Nestled in the heart of the Nisbet Forest is a place where children come to learn; not surrounded by walls, and fluorescent lights but with trees, animals and critters galore. A place were their wonder comes alive while they hike along wooden trails, feed the deer and count the birds.


This is where imagination and dreams come alive.


H.O.P. Early Learning Center believes in

  • Encouraging developmental growth in a loving and secure environment
  • Guiding your child to develop and learn through fun & creativity.
  • Providing an all inclusive, safe, and caring environment for children


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46 Licensed & Subsidized Child Care Spots

Infant, Toddler & Preschool Ages welcome

Child Led, Emergent Program

Certified Educators


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Nature Based Preschool

"Preschool beyond walls"

Our Nature Based Preschool gets together every afternoon to explore and investigate the beautiful world around us.

Come along and join!

Ages 3- 5

Afternoon Classes available

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